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Vaibhaw Kumar Shende
Type III/9, Central Excise and Customs clny,
Pune, Maharashtra-411001
To be in the never ending pursuit of exploring new technologies.

Seeking a challenging position and making a proactive contribution in IT industry.

To be a part of an organization where my skills are best used and which provides an opportunity to grow along with it. And, in the process, learning new skills and build up knowledge with team effort.
Avesta Computers Pvt Ltd
since Nov 2001
While working with Avesta Computers, their was a lot to learn. The design intricacies of a project, managing a project, effective coordination of time availability and task completion, a more professional discretion, a more effective distribution of responsibilities amongst team members, putting more stress on design and keeping things simple as far as possible, when looking out for talent paying more stress on an individuals capability of picking up things, are a few things that I learnt while being associated with senoirs of Avesta Computers. Below is an overview of the projects executed while in Avesta Computers.

Name Of Project: Apple Learning Interchange
Date (From ): 14 th Jan 2002
Client: Apple
Technologies Used: Web Objects 5.0 Application server.
Description: ALI will be part on the apple portal. It will be used by
universities for creating a knowledge base for their institute.
It would act as an online resource of teaching practices, and
Functionality: This is used to create Exhibits created/edited by authors,
and viewed by students. Their is also an administrator who
administrators which exhibits would be published, and
available for the viewers.
Responsibilities: Deploying the application on the MAC G3 (and at a later stage on G4), Testing and development.
Deploying involved porting the application on Mac and
creating a genralized and easy to follow process which
could be used by later on for deploying other similar projects.
And also documenting the deployment procedure.
Testing involved creating the testcases, and creating a
genralized testcase document template and also the document,
which is specific for WebObject projects.
Development involved adding components to the application,
and debugging. And adding the security aspect to every Exhibit page that is displayed to the user.

Name Of Project: eTrack (Defect Tracking System)
Date (From ): 28th Nov
Technologies Used: Web Objects 5.0 Application server.
Description: eTrack is a bug tracking online application. In the initial
stages the application will provide a browser based thin client
interface for all users.The final version will support interface
with fax machines and printers, version control systems, and
electronic handheld devices.
Functionality: eTrack will be used to log all the issues/bugs that arise in
a project by a member of a project after he poperly logs in.
The complete history, of how as issue gets resolved, is
maintained by the application.
Responsibilities: Developing the database model, and developing the user interface.

Other Activities
Deployment: Creating projects and the supporting framework in Project Builder 1.1 on Mac, and being able to execute them on a Mac. Creating a generalized Deployment document which could be used in the future,
for deploying applications on Mac.
Cocoa: Developing applications in Cocoa. Creating an easy to understand document on building simple applications in Cocoa.
Test case Document: Initiating a test case document template which is specific to testing
of applications developed on WebObjects 5.0.
CVS in pserver mode: Running a CVS server in pserver mode so that the source code can be checked out on a PC as well as on a Mac machines, and the CVS server be available outside the LAN.
Mahindra British Telecom
Dec 2000  Oct 2001
MBT gave a good start in the IT industry. It laid the foundation of a sound knowledge of an IT industry's many facets. This included a fundamental training on various languages and concepts, software engineering process, personal/personality development to be able to handle the dynamics of IT industry, and others. The projects that had been executed while in MBT have been briefly described below.

Name Of Project: CCF
Client: Concerts
Date (From - To): May 2001 - till date
Technologies Used: Java Swings, JAXP, JSP, JDBC, XML
Description: CCF Tool consisted of: Map Tool, XML Converter,
Data Validator, NRC Tool, Media Tool, Format Converter
Functionality: CCF Tool converts supplier catalogs into UNSPSC
(Universal Standard Product and Services Classification)
nomenclature that is acceptable to e-procurement engines
(or e-marketplace)
Team Size: 18
Role: Component Developer
Responsibilities: Developing the code for XML Converter. This tool
converts data from an MDB/XLS document to an XML
document, and puts it in Native Xml Database for further
--Installation of TAMINO, creating database/collection,
schemas, and trouble shooting with queries and database
related problems.
--Securing the transactions on done on web with JCE and
digital certificates.

Name Of Project: Online Banking Software
Date: Apr 2001
Technologies Used: EJB, JSP/Servlet, JDK 1.3
Description: The software was developed using EJB/J2EE
Architecture and consisted of:
--Deployment of Entity Beans.
--Deployment of Session Beans, which call the
Entity Beans.
--One common servlet, which gets the request from
JSP's. The servlet in turn calls the required bean.
--JSP's as a front end .
Role: Coding and deployment of the Entity Beans and
Session Beans, and servlet and JSP programming.
Maulana Azad College of Technology, REC, Bhopal
      B.E., Electrical  
Operating System :Mac OS X 10.1.4, Linux, Solaris, Darwin, Windows 98/NT, DOS
Languages : Java( core and advanced), Cocoa, XML, JCE, JAXP, C , C++
Middleware : WebObjects, XSL(XPATH/XSLT), Apache web server, Tomcat, EJB, Weblogic.
Internet Technologies :HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Servlets.
Relational Databases :MS Access, Oracle 8i
Native XML Database :TAMINO

Effective time management on a project, effective co-ordination of work and responsibilities.

Good team co-ordination, effective and precise communication, good judgement of candidates.
Reference are available on request.